Bamboo Cafe & Resto Pangandaran

Bamboo Cafe & Resto Pangandaran was established in 2007 and we have been serving consumers from domestic and abroad. we are present because in Pangandaran beach it takes entertainment that allows visitors to come for a vacation and looking for entertainment .. so than that we are there for you to present live music every weekend.

Bamboo cafe & resto Pangandaran provides catering service like family gathering, group catering, weddings and birthday parties at a price adjust your budget to facilitate visitors who do not want to bother to look for food when visiting the Pangandaran beach, therefore we work with several local travel agents to foreign countries so that our clients are more happy and hopefully cooperation with travel agents are getting closer together

At certain times we also often hold small parties on the beach accompanied by guitars and sing together, and to enliven the atmosphere of our beach also presents a campfire so that they will feel at home enjoying the atmosphere of the beach at night. That's the service bamboo cafe & resto you need to know and hopefully you can visit to our place again.